About Us

OST trading is a new Vancouver based importing company., focused on bringing Georgian wines to BC consumers.
Georgia is considered by many to be the birthplace of viticulture, and has been producing wine for over 7,000 years. The wine we deal with are made using unique local grape varieties, millennia-old tradition and cutting-edge modern technology; as a result, we bring you the most distinctive flavours and the highest quality Georgia has to offer.

Our wine portfolio is not extensive so far, but it represents a very competetitive selection of endemic varietals, unique taste characteristics, and anciant wine-making methods:

TIBANELI brand is supplied by MARNISCARI LTD

MARANI and MARANI Kondoli brands are supplied by JSC Telavi Wine Cellar

WINEMAN and SANTELI brands are supplied by WINE MAN LTD.

We are working on expanding our portfolio by offering diversified styles and price range to satisfy the growing passion of local wine lovers for unique taste and aroma of Georgian wines.

We are negotiating product listings and delivery contract terms with a number of other producers of Georgian wines.

Though, remaining to be entirely devoted to Georgian wine promotion, we have to admit that while living in North America it’s impossible to overcome the irresistible temptation to be turned into one of millions sincere admires of New World style wines.

Hence, we are pleased to introduce a new producer from California:


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