In 1894 in Russian Empire, to which Lithuania belonged at that time, the State vodka monopoly was established. Only State distilleries could produce and sell vodka.
In order to implement the reform of vodka production, 350 new distilleries were built in the Russian Empire in the beginning of the 20th century. Since Kaunas was a centre of a governorate, with a rapidly growing industry, the decision was made to build a new vodka factory in Kaunas and thus increase the local economic region. Hence, in 1906 new buildings of Kaunas Vodka Warehouse (contemporary “Stumbras”) had been erected.

OZONE HEMP Flavored Vodka

SKU: 41392 Volume: 750 ml Variety: 100% whole grain
The idea of creating Hemp Seeds Flavored Vodka has been soared over Lithuanian distillers long time before creation of Alaska's Purgatory Vodka. Despite the Ultra-Premium Purgatory is true to its legendary lineage, its Ultra-Premium category and respectively high price seem to be a bit snobby...
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OZONE Flavored Vodka

SKU: Volume: 750 ml Variety:
OZONE Flavored Vodka is available in five unique flavors: OZONE Blood Orange, SKU 393934 OZONE White Peach, SKU 479865 OZONE Sweet Melon, SKU 865113 OZONE Lime, SKU 428862 OZONE HEMP, SKU 41392 For OZONE HEMP a copy of Test Report...
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OZONE Pure Vodka

SKU: 854638 Volume: 750 ml Variety: 100% grain
The base of OZONE is TRIPLE FIVE formula. which can be concluded from its 3 ZONES OF PURITY: 5 times filtered pure water 5 times distilled 100% grain spirit 5 times filtered OZONE Vodka For OZONE vodka a special kind of grain spirit is used....
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Lithuanian GOLD Vodka

SKU: 845099 Volume: 750 ml Variety: 100% grain
Lithuanian Vodka GOLD exposes all characteristics necessary for excellent representation of Lithuanian strong drinks. It is the most popular vodka in Lithuania also known in many foreign countries. To make Lithuanian Vodka GOLD exceptionally pure and soft, this vodka is...
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